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The Full Gospel Network was founded by Minister Demetrius L. Brown on November 18, 2016. God spoke to Mr. Brown Friday morning at 1:45am while he was watching, Prophet Todd Hall minister at the 2016 Full Gospel Baptist Conference on YOUTUBE. God allowed him to see the heart of the people and how each soul in that place was crying out for true deliverance, miracles, healing and a move of God like never, before. Demetrius L. Brown’s vision is to use the Full Gospel Network as a tool to first restore, unite, energize and motivate God’s people to operate in their identity and to functionally use the gifts and tools that are connected, to our Genesis 1:26, identity. Mr. Brown truly believe until the church shows a unified excitement and love for what God has done, is doing and what He’s about to do, through His Son Jesus in our everyday walk, the world will continue to down play the church. The Full Gospel Network was started as a radio station, which is broadcasted through all the new technology, that people use to enjoy their radio experience. The Full Gospel Network programming is biblical inspired content to help guide people of all race, background and ages through their spiritual and practical life. Programming is consisted of music, hosted shows, live event broadcasting, preaching, and specialty shows, that are produced in house and by others who are planting seeds of God. The Full Gospel Network will not compete with other gospel networks, but to be part of the organism God put in place to win souls. The Full Gospel Network is a subsidiary of Trinity Brown Group. Inc, a family business founded by Demetrius L and Dakita Brown.

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The mission

The mission of The Full Gospel Network is to restore and energize the faith of God’s people, through media, entertainment, and preaching, that’s developed from the word of God
The vision:
The vision of The Full Gospel Network is to unite born again Christians of all races and backgrounds, so that we can present the love and the full gospel of God as one in Jesus Christ, to win and disciple souls unto the Lord. We will connect people with God lead programming that will consist of music, entertainment, preaching and teaching.
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